Saturday, March 15, 2014

Compliment of the month from Golden Geese

"When I first started blogging, I would put up about one post per week, so I had plenty of time to look for good sites to link to. Now I try to have at least one story per day, and with a full time job, that’s a hard thing for me to do. I just don’t have the time to add many more links, but “Just a Car Guy” is so outstanding, that I feel that I would be doing everyone who isn’t already familiar with it, a disservice by not letting them know about it.

 It is the best blog dealing with cars and car related items I have ever seen? How good is it? Any site that covers everything, from monster trucks to rat rods, to muscle cars, to the finest exotic European sports cars has got to be great. It’s good therapy for small brained, close minded, rednecks, like myself, who often forget that the world of automobiles extends far beyond the scope of American iron from the ‘50’s to the ‘80’s.

 You simply must check this site out, and add it to your favorites list and blogrolls. One word of caution though. If you go to this site, you will be in danger of spending hours there. It has already claimed a few days worth of my time. I can barely get myself to stop looking. If you only have time to visit one, I suggest skipping my site and going to his. It’s that good!"