Monday, March 10, 2014

a small sample of the variety of very interesting airplanes from WW2, some are humorous, some are inventive

Flak magnet.. how awesome a name

load out, with humor

Only photo I've seen of the emergency brakes... But I've posted a great story about it before

the above airplane is one I've liked the paint on, and posted before,

B 25 pulled out of a lake in South Carolina

a B25 at the National War and Resistance Museum in Overloon Holland which has an astonishingly huge collection

Hellcat drones for radioactivity monitoring of the Bikini bomb site

I bet there was hell to pay for smashing some generals favorite limo!

oh man... this is truly maxing out the paint scheme ability to be fierce! Not just the shark grin, but vampire teeth too! Wow!

Seriously, this took a second... but it's called the flying fish.... because the pilots name is Pike!

Jacksonville Florida, has not had a car wash that has ever matched the cool factor of this photo...

Goodness gracious, great ball of fire. And you can quote me on that

All foud by looking through 58 pages of cool planes for several hours at

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