Wednesday, September 21, 2022

(Sold for 12,500 on Bring a Trailer) This Rupp go-kart replica of the 1965 Chevrolet Monza SS concept car was acquired by the seller in 2006 from a Chevrolet dealer where it was reportedly used as a promotional item. Thank you Marc!

The pull-start Tecumseh single-cylinder engine has never been started and sends power to the rear wheels through a chain drive assembly. The engine retains the factory safety tag on the fuel tank with initial fueling and start-up instructions, and the seller states that it has never been started.

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  1. Here's another Rupp racing cart that sold for $30,000. It is beautifully restored. I don't really understand putting 4 carbs on a single-cylinder engine, but in the comments, it's said that this combination would make about 25 hp on methanol, with a redline of at least 12,000 rpm.