Monday, September 19, 2022

are quality go karts so impossible to find inexpensively, that they sell for 3800 apiece? These were made in the mid 1970s

Nothing about this pair says to me, 7500 is a good price. 

7500, isn't that what you can head to Fun Bike Center, and get something road legal?

Or are these in such demand that flipping them, as they were just bought by the seller 5 months ago, makes an investment result possible, again? 

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  1. I think that some of these buyers are trying to buy something that they owned (or wanted to own) when they were kids, and it seems that money is no object for the really nice karts. There were some Shriners driving Rupp Chevy Jr. go karts in our Labor Day parade, so I've been curious about them lately. One sold on BaT last month for $12,500. This one hasn't even had the engine started, so it's just going to be garage art.