Sunday, September 18, 2022

A truck driver was flown to the hospital after being pinned in his cab by a shifted load of concrete last week.... because the idea of securing the damn load isn't yet universal

The shit hit the fan on Wednesday the14th at 11:04 a.m. near Lake in the Hills, Illinois, when the driver who didn't believe that inertia was a universal law of physics, that most 2nd graders understand from watching Sesame Street,  braked and the load of concrete beams shifted and pierced the back of the cab, reminding the driver that there was NO safety plate on the back of his cab (known as headache racks)

So, save a life, make sure that when the brakes are applied, the cargo does NOT move forward into the area you'd like to be comfortably spread out in, known as the cab, the office, the drivers seat. 

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  1. My late wife's niece's husband got crushed some years ago when a load of pipe didn't stop when he did....You'd think people would learn?