Saturday, December 30, 2017

When you are built to last, but your foundation isn't, the bridge over the Williams River in Chester, VT. The flood caused by tropical storm Irene moved the 112-ft-long through truss on Green Mountain Railway (thanks Burkey)

just a symptom of a lack of infrastructure inspections and spending in 113 years, and one tropical storm Irene which caused 5 inches of rain

Pushed off it's moorings about 25° and only two bearings (of four) were in contact with the ground and the east side of the bridge had dropped several feet.  Fortunately, the superstructure had sustained no damage, except for the bearings.


  1. This rail line probably hasn't been used in years. There are lots of those around here, but not falling in. That probably happened because of a flood and I bet someone will have to take it down.

  2. Good news, its fixed.

  3. Can anyone read the nameplate on the right side?

    1. nope, but given the info I just found on which bridge it is, and where, that might help you find it
      bridge over the Williams River in Chester, VT.
      Green Mountain Railway

  4. Thanks. Edge Moor bridge works 1899. Hurricane Irene caused it. Burkey called it, it's fixed!