Friday, December 29, 2017

Justice in LA? Not if the city has anything to say about it affecting their profits, budget, and bonuses!

June 2015, two former traffic examiners sued the Los Angeles in Superior Court and won close to a half-million dollars in taxpayer money after a jury found the city guilty of firing them because they complained about being forced to change decisions.

Or as Kunkaew put it, those who contest citations are “not receiving the fair shake that they should be receiving.”

Joe Kunkaew is what’s called a traffic examiner. He works at the L.A. City Parking Violations Bureau in Van Nuys as a sort of judge who hears evidence from motorists trying to get traffic tickets dismissed.

Hyung Nick Kim is one of the former examiners who won the case. He says he was pressured to rule in favor of the city so the city would get money, nearly $150 million in parking fines for fiscal year 2015-16.

In 2013, the city conducted an investigation into the allegations, and according to notes obtained by CBS2, several examiners claimed they were forced by supervisors like Kenneth Heinsius to change decisions.

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