Friday, December 29, 2017

today's Salute of the Day! Sgt Jason Kline, Sandusky County Sheriff's Dept, good samaritans Bruce and Nanci Bilger, and Tireman of Fremont Ohio

 Sgt. Kline responded to a local hotel on a welfare check of a female subject the day after Christmas, 12/26/2017.

While traveling across Ohio, fleeing from human trafficking, the vehicle of female victim of human trafficing, and her kids, had broken down on the Ohio turnpike near Fremont over Christmas.

She was found walking along the roadway by good samaritans Bruce and Nanci Bilger who assisted her by putting her up in a hotel and some finances to get her settled in with her kids.

Upon Sgt. Kline determining that the female was safe and everything was being done to assist her and her children he gave her his cell phone number and advised her to call him if she needed any further assistance.

The next day she contacted Sgt. Kline after learning that she could only cover part of the $500 bill to fix her vehicle as she still needed money for gas and food to get her and her children to their destination.

Sgt. Kline contacted Tireman and spoke with them and was able to coordinate with two churches to get the entire bill at Tireman paid for.

It's great to report that she is back en route to her destination after meeting up with the Bilgers and Sgt. Kline at Tireman.

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