Friday, December 29, 2017

Todays Salute of the Day, to airbrush artist Benjamin Llyod of New Zealand, for visiting kids in hospitals and making them happy, and boosting their confidence.

Giving sick children in a hospital something to smile about by inking them up with fake tattoos...

Are you kidding me? How has this never been figured out before? This is too much! And you know I'll post free advertising for artists and airbrushers all week long. And someone who is donating time to help out kids in a hospital? Where's my kleenex?

'The kids are so amazed. As soon as they get the tattoo it boosts their confidence,' he told the NZ Herald.

The young artist said he uses a custom, non-toxic ink that can be washed off in the shower to create his tattoos.

Each tattoo takes about nine minutes to complete.

Mr Lloyd described himself as a struggling artist who first captured the admiration of his classmates when, feeling self-conscious, he began doodling to cover up a grafted burn on his arm. By the time he reached college, it had moved on from doodles to something more artistic. "People thought it was amazing."

His more well known artworks include the picture of Mauao at McDonald's on the corner of Cameron Rd and 11th Ave and various scenes on Z service stations in Tauranga.

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