Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bogi's Garage in Phoenix is building a ’57 Chevy Pickup that will be unveiled at SEMA's BASF booth in 2 months

Yes, it is unfortunate they had a flat tire in their push, we all know that just made the job more difficult

So what? Well, how many 57 Chev's have every been restored or customized by an all woman crew? Exactly, so proper respects and compliments to the women who are getting into the bodyshop and restoration business!  Some mom's are even teaching their daughters on this build.

"Far too many women give up on their passion for a technical career in the automotive industry. For many years, I was so busy working that I didn’t really stop to take a look at the reality of being a woman in the automotive and motorcycle industry. But once I took a close look, I saw just how few of us there are and the serious challenges for women who want to have technical automotive careers. It was very eye opening and showed there is a need to raise awareness. The Chevy Montage project is about letting these women know that they are not alone and there are resources for them."

JoAnn Bortles

Starting with a VW Bug at age 16, Bogi has been keeping her own cars running, and for the past 8 years has been owner/manager of her own shop in Phoenix, and host of All Girls Garage for 6 seasons

and I'd like to link to a Youtube video from that show, but, Velocity channel is notoriously stingy about allowing their programs to stream for free without cable tv (and that's why I've never watched anything from Velocity channel)

update, Nov 2017

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