Tuesday, August 29, 2017

All the flooding in Texas has me thinking.... how I'd prevent my car from being water damaged if my area flooded....

one of these and suddenly your car is 4 foot higher than it was.

Griots sells plastic car covers for under 20 bucks


or a car pocket from Rhino Shelter, with a quick spray on water proof layer of ANYTHING that prevents water getting in. Hell, a couple plastic sheet dropcloths from Home Depot or Lowes, the extra thick ones, and some caulking cement?

under 50 dollars, and I'm sure my car is in a waterproofed bag. It doesn't have to last months, jsut a week or so of being under water. I think it's likely to work.

or yacht shrink wrap plastic


What would you do? There are some innovative and inventive people... who have classic cars, muscle cars, etc... that no one wants to see get damaged, what have you heard of people doing to protect a car that doesn't have the ability to get out of the area that will soon flood? 

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