Friday, January 27, 2017

David just sent me a link to the Van Atta Brothers logging museum and website... cool stuff!

No rail cars, just loooong logs between bogeys

hard rubber tires, probably no seat cushion for the tractor operator and passengers either

Above, a Shay type locomotive

But the angle on the drive shaft in the above photo, that's a bit unusual

D8 Caterpillar dozers used an arch to get one end of a log off the ground, reducing the drag from the log, and below is something I've never seen before, a trailer arch. I'm surprised, because I grew up in the logging areas of Northern Michigan, and thought I'd seen most everything about logging

these go back a long way

Nov 1930 Popular Science magazine


  1. The loco with the angled con rods and cylinders is a Climax(!)
    Heisler also competed with Shay....interesting little corner of train lore.