Sunday, January 22, 2017

a month after its 1966 Sebring victory, chassis GT/110 was being cannibalized for parts on a regular basis.

This death of 1,000 cuts carried on until 1970, when it became clear that U.S. Customs wasn’t going to forget about the importation of chassis GT/110.

Brought in on a temporary import bond, long since expired, Shelby had but two choices: pay the import duty plus late fees, or scrap the car. He opted for the latter, ordering the car cut up ahead of the Customs inspector’s visit.

This proved to be a violation of the rules, as vehicles in questions had to be destroyed in the presence of a Customs inspector. With no other options, Shelby ordered the car to be tack welded back together, then cut apart under the watchful eye of the government inspector.

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