Wednesday, February 17, 2021

standing applause for Waldo Fidele! who observes every can in his garbage truck's surveillance camera as it gets dumped into the back, and saw a little kid... and saved that kids life by his professionalism and constant attention to duty

A 7-year-old Florida boy who was hiding inside a garbage can, is lucky to be alive after he was scooped up and dumped into a sanitation truck next to a trash compactor.

Elias Quezada escaped Tuesday’s petrifying ordeal without even a scratch, thanks to the very alert and heroic driver

Quezada was playing outside his grandmother’s home in Hillsborough County when he decided to climb in her trash can, he was soon scooped up and dumped into a sanitation truck as it collected trash in the neighborhood.

The garbage truck’s automatic claw scooped up the can and dumped the boy into the bed of the garbage filled vehicle – just inches from the active blade

In a matter of seconds, Elias thought it was going to be “the end” for him.

“I got picked up and thrown to where I was going to be a mashed potato,” he said.

Fidele immediately turned off the truck’s blade and called 911.

But luckily for Elias, the driver was trained to observe every can in the truck’s surveillance camera as it gets dumped into the back. Waldo Fidele said he saw something drop and immediately turned off the truck’s blade. Fidele immediately called 911.


  1. Another great post. There are wonderful everyday working guys and gals all over this great country. Very cute and Lucky kid.
    Thanks Jess

    1. Thank you! And you're welcome... use in the right place in response, ok?
      As for the post? He earned it, and darn it, I hope to learn of those people that save lives and earn the standing ovation so I can help spread the word.
      THere's too darn much bad news every day, and it's my pleasure to share the good news!
      I even made a "good news" tag

  2. A plow driver in Wisconsin found a 5-year old out in the cold at 4 am last Friday.