Saturday, December 19, 2020

Paying it forward

 Thanks to you who tip, I am able to pay it forward, and send beer to my favorite video blogger, Cole Sonne, his dad Brian, and uncle Jeff, who regularly put out 3 videos a week

I'm sending them beer. 

yup, I was able to contact Buck, who does deliveries in Mitchell, South Dakota, area, and he's up for some remote Santa Claus type work, and will be heading out to meet Cole or Brian, or both, find out what their favorite beer is, and then head into town and pick up a 12 pack apiece.... and one for himself

THAT is some above and beyond type mission work for a Merry Christmas tip in my book, but it's also pretty damn cool. 

So, yeah, it's a total of $120, and that's high, but its only a 12 pack per guy, based on the cost of my favorite beer - Stella Artois, and not many store bought beers cost more than 16 bucks a 12 pack.

Anyway, most of you know that tipping isn't required, it's more like a great way to let some of your favorite people know you'd like to buy them some beer, but you're either not yet on 'get together and drink beer together' terms, or you're too darn far away to stop by and take them out for a pizza and beer. 

Kim came to Seal Beach a couple years ago, from Denmark, and so I went up and met him and I took him out to lunch! A year or two before that, Marc B came to San Diego from Ohio, and I took him out for supper at a restaurant I'd heard was good, as Marc sounded like he preferred seafood, and we caught up and shot the breeze for a awhile. 

So, as I have been saying for years, if you are in the area, I'm buying the first round!

But if you are somewhere else on this planet, I'll just add more content to the blog to entertain you. And on the rare occasion that I'm so darn impressed with another blogger, and can afford it, like many of you, I'm totally down for a twenty dollar tip, or a 12 pack of beer in this case, per person and one for the driver, plus the delivery charge of 25 per trip to get the info on what beer they like, then to go get and return with the beer. 

And if you too want to send some beer, or pizza, to the great guys at Sonne Farms, Cole, Brian, and Jeff, let me know, and I'll send you Buck's info as he's a great guy who delivers out ion Spouth Dakota, and works with paypal too!

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