Thursday, October 03, 2019

when watching the 1992 Winter Olympics from home, nascar driver Geoff Bodine learned that Americans were using bobsleds built and sold by their European rivals.

That spurred him to recruit chassis-builder Bob Cuneo to employ NASCAR-type aerodynamics in designing sleds at Chassis Dynamics Inc. in Connecticut.

Bodine funded and promoted the project while Cuneo and business partner Bob Vaillancourt built the sleds. After struggling in ’94 and ’98, Team USA used Bo-Dyn sleds to win three medals in the ’02 Winter Olympics, another in ’06 and two more in ’10.

Geoff Bodine:
" To me, Americans having to buy equipment from Europeans was unacceptable. How do young people practice and train knowing if they wreck, they have to pay to fix it? I didn’t know a thing about bobsleds when I started. I just knew that Americans should be using American equipment. Winning Daytona was great, but the Olympics is international. It was incredible to see our American athletes win medals in something I’d had a part in building. That’s something that’ll last forever. "

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  1. They went as far as to wind tunnel them with the riders inside. American ingenuity at it's finest!