Friday, October 04, 2019

respectable scoreboards

this is P 47 pilot Ed Fisher in 1944,

notice that this guy is the same guy painting on different planes

a BRIDGE?!!?!


  1. Love the 2nd one from the bottom with the cigar. One tough SOB! Also I've always noticed but never gave much thought to the different scoreboard markings. Tried looking a bit for the meaning of the different markings but to no avail.

  2. See foe a key. It's not complete, it's not even great, but it's the best I've found or heard of so far

  3. Shows what an utter powerhouse the P-47 was when it came to the mission. Bombing, strafing, air combat, trucks, tanks, trains and even ships fell to the firepower of the Thunderbolt. Amazing now that it was the most mass produced fighter by the U.S. in WW2, but now you can count how many are left on one hand.