Monday, September 30, 2019

Home Depot would like you to nominate a veteran for their $25,000 surprise home repair!

I guess they aren't able to figure out how to help vets that are homeless, live in apartments, or need some garage help - but hey, they are doing some good for some vets, and I guess vets that can afford to own homes need help as much as all the vets that can't afford a home.

yes, there's a lot of sarcasm loaded in that. None the less, a lot of home owners (good grief, that must be a terrible burden) need help with roof repairs, termite damage, dry rot damage, etc.

Unless a home owner is part architect, part carpenter, and part wood craftsman - a lot of home repairs are expensive and outsourced. I get it. Say foundation repair and add a couple zeros to the estimate.

But windows, air conditioning, heaters, wiring? Those are some quick and easy upgrades that do wonders.

Since 2011, The Home Depot Foundation has improved more than 45,000 veteran homes and invested more than $315 million in veteran causes, putting the organization on track to meeting the commitment of half-a-billion dollars by 2025.

Fall marks the Foundation’s annual campaign known as Celebration of Service (COS) to serve veterans, and today, the kick-off campaign begins nationwide. Now through Veterans Day, the organization plans to complete around 600 projects over the next seven weeks.

“It’s about The Home Depot joining together as a family, side by side, to show our associates and veterans how much we appreciate their service,” says Joe Wimberley, senior manager of Team Depot.

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