Wednesday, October 02, 2019

how about a bit of quirky history... the Harley of Harley Davidson, was an engineer, and was involved in other things until the Davidsons coudl afford to hire him on full time, and one of those was bridge engineering.

Spanning Dell Creek shortly before it empties into Mirror Lake, the bridge was reportedly built in 1908 and was between 170 and 200 feet long. It was built next to Timme Mill and Dam.

The dam was constructed in 1857 and the mill existed from 1849 until it was burned down in 1957. It was the same fire that caused extensive damage to the bridge itself, and despite repairs made on the structure, its days were numbered.

The bridge was demolished in the 1980s when the bridge was dropped into Dell Creek, surviving the impact unscratched! It was later cut up and sold for scrap metal.

without accessing the archives of the Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Works, it's only fair to say that the designs AFTER the year he began working there MIGHT have his designs as the bridges were built.

So, lets just take it as a given that the bridges we can consider to possibly by engineered by W Harley would be from when he began there in June of 1907 to June of 1908, but with the slow pace of paperwork and design, I think it's fair to say that nothing from his efforts would have gone into production until late 1907, and there may have been some of his engineering on projects as far out as 1909. Just a guess, based on how long the effect of an engineer lasts at a company.

The the Brownsville and Matamoros Bridge, international between Texas and Mexico, over the Rio Grande. It was built in 1910, as a swing (pivot) bridge, in case river traffic ever required the bridge to move out of the way... but that was tested once, and never used again.

The Shirley Railroad Bridge, now converted to vehicle single lane, and called the Middle Fork of the Little Red River Bridge

This former railroad bridge has an unusual combination of pinned and riveted connections.

and the Sauk City Bridge, the half destroyed one over the Wisconsin River, was another he may have assisted with

Built 1901 and 1908

Wisconsin’s record in preserving places of historic places- in particular historic bridges- has always been questionable, for over 80% of the bridges built up to 1960 have disappeared since 1980.

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