Friday, January 05, 2018

very very close to learning how his insurance company feels about driving on mountain cliffs

use the damn winch!

That Wrangler Rubicon is close to 50 thousand dollars American money. I see that license plate, I know it's not on the North American Continent, and the voice sounds like it's European, so, I guess add about 10,000 Euro, and it's about a 45k Euro toy that they are playing with. 


  1. as the fisrt words in the clip were in dutch, but not sounded dutch, I thought it maybe south african? simple google on south african licence plates revealed: GP - Gauteng province.
    dunno what a jeep costs there, but still pricey I think.

  2. My Buddy's and I used to do this back in the early '80's..our Trucks cost us $3,500 at the most...there's NO WAY IN HELL I would do that today for the price these PIECES of crap cost.

    1. Funny thing, there's nothing all that good about a Jeep, except one thing. Every aftermarket company makes something to make a Jeep better. Not many try to make upgrade material for Bentley or Lambo SUVs