Saturday, January 06, 2018

Fwiw, I apologize for the comment function not working worth a damn

I just popped over to the "spam" comments to look and see if I misplaced a comment, you know, accidentally pointed the damn little cursor but missed the "publish" and got "spam" instead


So I look in the spam, and every other damn comment in the spam folder is a real comment.

Guess what? When you tell the damn website "not spam" those real comments disappear, but don't get published, don't get saved in "awaiting moderation"

So the real comments that were in Spam, whether I put them there, and believe me, no way could I mistakenly put that many comments in the Spam folder.

So, to all of you that have taken the time to comment, some to compliment, some to vote on the C vs D vs E type Jag...

I apologize that this piece of shit website framework isn't reliable, lets me down, and erases the effort you've made to interact, give feedback, and chat back.

That pisses me off, and there ain't a damn thing I can do about it.

Hang on, I just tested something... and maybe - I can't count on this though, as I've just told you, this POS website framework is letting me down and pissing me off - Maybe the comments go where they are supposed to after I mark them as "Not Spam" and the one I just tried went to it's post.

So... well... things aren't making me happy, but I'm going through 1308 comments I've marked spam in the last 8 weeks (yes, there are that many spammers trying to get a link to rental car companies, taxi services, used tires in Mumbai, etc) to find the others that aren't spam.

I still won't be able to bounce a comment back, telling you I appreciate the things you've said, or to reply, but, maybe they aren't getting tossed by this website into the oblivion where they are never to be seen again

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