Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The coolest belt sander racer I've seen yet

a 1950s Porter Cable BB10 belt sander modified for Stock-class competition at the Fenwick Trustworthy Hardware store in Fenwick Island, Delaware.

Exterior modifications are open in the Stock class but everything was done to keep it between the rails in racing.

The cow catcher up front acts as a ballast while providing mounting points for the “spring whiskers” that keep the nose of Loco between the rails.

 Out back, the wheelie bars are very necessary, and the adjustable design allows him to dial out some of the twist created by the motor’s torque.

Because of the obsolete belt size of this 1950s sander, Loco used a custom-length, 24-grit Carborundum belt.


"Two by two, they come screaming down the 85-foot-long, waist-high wooden track, trailing rooster tails of sawdust and long, yellow extension cords that power them to the finish line."

That is how reporter Sean Cole began his treatise on the New England Belt Sander Racing Association, which first aired on Only A Game on April 13, 2002.

NEBSRA co-founder Dave Kenyon: “It’s a real family event. It’s a family event with beer.”

Sean Cole: “You keep mentioning the beer.”

Dave Kenyon: “The beer is central, pretty much. Without beer I don’t think you’d have belt sander racing. In fact, without beer, I’m sure there wouldn’t be belt sander racing.”



  1. Just a reminder that there is so much we don't know.

  2. proof you can race anything:)

  3. Never heard about that. Fantastic ! But are you americans really that crazy ?

    1. yup. We invented nearly everything that is fun and dangerous. Remember the Turbonique? 200 mph go carts. Evel Knievel. Nuke bombs, alligator wrestling, and other idiotic things.
      And keep in mind that these racing belt sanders are in a bar... a lot of stupid drunks have invented some stupid drunk games in bars.