Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I found a P 47 with nose art, the Hun Hunter, and the first thing I did was hope it was by George Rarey, but no. The second thing I did was spend 15 minutes finding that post on P 47 nose art by Rarey. Some posts really make me do extra work!

If you don't recall the George Rarey story, here's the link.

He was an incredible nose art painter, cartoonist, and a P 47 pilot!

the above image is from

 and I just located this
and now we know the name of the airplane

by coincidence they also had the next photo of this P 47 getting repaired... but get a load of the art down the side!

lower left corner of the bottom photo... THAT'S THE SAME NOSE ART! Whoa! 

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