Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Heritage Village in Largo FL had the help of the Pin-MAR Antique Car Club to move a 1915 General store and garage from St. Petersburg to Heritage village. It's fantastic! (thanks Bob!)

Built in 1915 this general store was located in downtown St. Petersburg FL. In 1988 the building was moved to Heritage Village Park

The garage was laid out to a plan from a book issued to Ford Model T dealers to make the most efficient use of their existing space.

Leslie R. Henry, one of the winter members at the time was a former curator of the Ford Museum and past AACA National President, and brought the book from the Ford archives to use in the layout.

This is still very much a working garage and all the donated vehicles... a 1929 Model A Doodlebug, a 1950 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup, two 1925 Model T’s (coupe and TT truck), and a 1940 Ford Commercial Car (pickup) run and drive just fine.

Skip to the 9 minute mark for the garage

The compressor was donated by a member whose father assembled it in 1920 when he opened his own garage. Works nicely and makes that sweet old poot-poot-poot sound.

Thanks Bob!

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  1. That is SO cool! I'm very grateful for people who do this kind of thing.