Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lawson's Landing at Dillon Beach, home to some 60 and 70 year old trailers. Or it was, until rich people discovered this trailer park on the Pacific shore, and want to kick middle class people out so they can build Malibu mansions


  1. Awesome! (Getting really sick of self-centered rich people.)

  2. DAMN! And it looked like such a happy place to be. That sad to see them go like that.

  3. I am 57 and started going there when I was 5 and my dad was on the sacramento fire department. Groups of firefighters and their families would get together and camp in the pasture areas. Then finally a spot on C row on the seawall near the boat house came open and we got it! YAY! We eventually ended up on G row. Over the years we practically lived there on long weekends and school vacations, all summer long. I watched it go from grass campsites to more and more trailers, several changes to the boathouse and main pier. I took my children in time, and my oldest son also took his children. I remember the yearly fish frys, barge rides to the clam beds, catching miniature perch from the pier and crabbing. One of my brothers worked as a helper on a charter boat - I think it was the Nancy J. Monkey eels in jars by the doors at the general store, hiking to Elephant Rock.

    And then it all went away......

    1. damn. But I thank you for sharing your story!