Saturday, December 26, 2015

67 Stang stolen in '86, bought from a storage unit auction in 91, but never known to be stolen property until a recent application for registration... and now finally returned to the woman who bought it in high school

Lynda Alsip bought the Ford Mustang when she was 17 years old for $800, after a summer of “bagging groceries and shlepping carts,” with a little help from her dad, and it car was stolen from outside her apartment complex in Salinas in 1986,

 Alsip went out of town with some friends and the following Monday was the last time she saw her classic car.

In September 2014 a man form Salinas tried to register the car he bought in 1991 as a project, 23 years ago. The DMV officials tried to locate any records on this old car. Officer Christopher Menchen eventually traced it back to Alsip’s mother because she was the registered owner in 1986.

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