Saturday, December 28, 2013

Test drive area.. with a 1969 GT 500 Shelby Cobra Mustang. Let the burnout begin!

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turns out it took 4 years to find more photos of this test drive. It was a lemon, and died on the test drive


  1. That's actually a '69 or a '70, just a heads-up.

    1. well... damn! Tell me how you knew that? The emblem on the c pillar? Thanks for the correction!

  2. The body shape is more streamlined than earlier cars, which had more muscle in their shape. I worked at a Shelby specialist for a few years, so it seems obvious to me. The '69s and '70s are most different at the nose, so a quick glance from the angle of this photo might not reveal the year unless you're paying fairly close attention.