Thursday, December 26, 2013

best of photos from the 2012 archives

the above 3 were all taken at the Disney California Adventure theme park - Cars land

above, at the Justice Brothers Museum, it's the Romeo Palmides slingshot, called the most beautiful dragster by Hot Rod magazine

above, a Pegaso dual quad.

Above, at the Mullins Museum

above, a Stutz, below a 1923 Hudson

above and below, a 1911 or 1913 Packard at the 2012 Desert Classic Concours

I'll be damned, I never realized I'd taken photos of the same Cord at different locations

above and below, both from the same vehicle, Elwoods 1923 Hudson truck and motorcycle exhibit at the 2012 Viva Las Vegas... that's him on the Harley 2 photos down

above and below are the Blitzen Benz from the 2012 LaJolla Concours

above and below from Jay Leno's Fiat, the Butafugo Special, at the 2012 Graystone Mansion Concours in Beverly Hills

above and below, also from Cars land at Disney


the above looks like a black and white with photoshopped colors added for the sticker. It isn't. It's a simple photo.

the 2012 SEMA had the GRC world championships in the parking lot across the street... it was awesome. The 2013 was farther south down the strip, a couple miles away. Not so awesome

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