Saturday, May 21, 2022

Seen on tonight's walk

crazy to find that in just the past 3 days I've come across 4 of these Galaxies

4 door with the handles shaved off

might be a Manx, I think the only badging is between the headlights

odd to let the van fall apart in the driveway. If neglect and abandoning are the plan, why not roll it onto the street and park it by the curb? 

they had to cut through the shrubs between the sidewalk and the street, and the barrier wall of rail road ties, just to get the Bobcat up into the yard to get it into the backyard to do some work

KVNLGCY is the license plate. I bet there's a story of someone dying young with this tbird

stalker cat was extra stalkery today


  1. Not a Manx by any stretch, I'd love to revive the Ford camper van.

  2. That exact Baja Bug appears in Pawn Stars episode. The paint, indicators and mirrors are exactly the same. 1963 Volkswagen Sedan Baja Bug [Typ 1] in Pawn Stars