Tuesday, May 17, 2022

the first Little Giant Model B that was sold and the oldest Meyers Brothers Little Giant in existence (Thank you Terry and Eddie! )

the Meyers Brothers, who also built the first V-8 car.

 They had some labor issues back in the day and closed the factory and advertised for "red-blooded Americans … willing to work a 60-hour week … not the I.W.W.S or Bolsheviks.”


  1. I did a few Google searches and I couldn't find anything on this tractor. I don't think I've seen a farm tractor with a polished brass radiator like that before.

    I found a Wikipedia page with a list of former tractor companies, and I didn't see anything with M.B. or B.M. initials that looked like this either.

    I just searched for Little Giant Model B and found it. Sold by Mecum in 2016. Made by Mayer Brothers in Mankato, MN


    1. thank you! Terry and Eddie emailed me and filled me in. One heck of a different looking tractor... I like those big fenders and firewall area... almost orchard tractorish

  2. The Rolls Royce 'Legalimit' of 1905 was the first V8 engined motor car.