Friday, June 18, 2021

Jeremy Clarkson's new tv show is on Amazon Prime now "Clarkson's Farm"

 he seems to be his regular level of silly, and the show seems to be taking a fun view of what it takes to run his 1000 acre farm, and what it costs

It's a bit calmer than any episode of Top Gear, but the usual amount of buffoonery to show how easy it is to get things wrong when Clarkson has no idea what he's doing, or why he has the farming equipment he has to work 

I'm enjoying it, because Clarkson knows how to be charming, and goofy, on camera, and the camera work is impeccable. 

and episode 5 is about how farming and society were changed by the covid panic, the price of lambs for example, was cut in half because the restaurants had closed, no one could get egg cartons because there seem to have only been 3 factories that made them, and two of those factories shut down.

episode 4 was surprisingly about all the wildlife on the farm, owls, badgers, and deer. Very nice

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