Thursday, June 10, 2021

Compliments to the new Road and Track reboot, it's a lot like how I blog, some photos, a one page article, mostly, and interesting topics chosen.

 Vol 3 was a good take on customs, and right away did an article on Von Dutch, and the Hirohata Merc. 

Matter of fact, the merc was the article right after the on on Von Dutch.

So, why didn't they mention the bit of Von Dutch in the Merc? 

I think it's because Road and Track doesn't have a car guy on staff who knows cars made before 2010. Lets face it, Road and Track, and most magazines, are in business to get press loans of Porsches, Audis, McLarens, and Lambos. 

Does the writer, Bob Sorokanich, know what the inside of the Merc looks like?   Doesn't look like it

Elena Scherr (you know her, she's great!) wrote up the article on Von Dutch, but likely wasn't consulted on the Merc article. 

Damn shame, Road and Track could do much better, on old stuff, if they had, oh someone like me, on staff, to fill them in on the stuff they should know. for my article on Bob Hirohata

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