Sunday, April 04, 2021

I've never seen photos of the Gilmore Grand Canyon Economy Run before, it was 595-mile drive from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon.

Hudson, Lincoln, Nash, and Mercury

Equipped only with standard transmission and drive gear ratio, the Mercury established a remarkable stock car economy figure of 23.35 miles per gallon which bettered the marks of 15 of the 22 other finishing cars, a majority of which carried overdrives. Mercury consumed no oil. 

The Lincoln won, Marshall Martin was the driver

read all about the Gilmore years online in the Google Books:
The Mobilgas Economy Run: A History of the Long Distance Fuel Efficiency ...By Dave Hermanson

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  1. In the one image the technician is cc-ing the head to check the combustion area in the head. These cars were undoubtedly balanced, head cc'd, cam degreed'd and whatever else would make them run smooth and freely.