Monday, April 05, 2021

Thank you Thomas M for clanging my tip jar via postal mail!

in the letter he sent, he said (and I paraphrase a bit so I won't be typing a lot)  he stumbled across the blog and is making his way into the archives systematically. "Your articles and essays on automobiles, other mechanical devices and Americana are a treasure of knowledge"

Awww shucks, thank you! 

"I rode streetcars of the trolley type, trolley buses, steam hauled passenger trains, noisy New York City, subway cars, and more conveyances" 

Wow, that's a lot of variety! 

I'm glad you're enjoying the stuff I've posted! Thanks for the tip!


  1. I can't see the tip button on the website anymore. Did you remove it, or has something broken?

    1. I only have the tip jar up from about Thanksgiving (get it?) to Christmas (again, there's a theme here) and Thomas doesn't follow that sort of schedule at his age, nor does he use paypay.
      He typed out a letter the way we were taught to, decades ago, and it was picture perfect, I kid you not.
      Amazing in every respect, and I'm going to frame it.
      Anyway, out of the blue, a couple weeks ago he asked me about the tip jar, and let me know he'd like to send me a tip, through the mail, so... that's what happened