Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Avenger pilot reported that he never saw the airplane that he hit while he was taxiing.

On July 30, 2006, at 1207 central daylight time, a Grumman TBM-3, Avenger operated by the Tri-State Warbird Museum taxied into the fuselage of a Vans RV-6,

Both aircraft were taxiing for takeoff


  1. I wasn't at the EAA show when this happened, but I live in the area so remember it well.

  2. Oh I believe he didn't see the other plane, and unfortunately it only took one second to slice that RV-6 up like a loaf of Wonder bread. A lot of these big piston prop taildraggers are hard to see over-the Corsair was especially difficult. You've probably seen videos of fighters taxing out to launch weaving back and forth-that was to see where they were going. It was also common for a ground crew man to ride along on the wing signaling the pilot which way to go. You'd think that as rare as these airplanes are, they'd have someone helping marshal it to the runway.