Sunday, May 24, 2020

some high schools allow their seniors reserved parking spots that they can paint, some charge a refundable 50 dollars, others, 500 dollars

Student designs had to be preapproved by the school and could not contain bad language, references to drugs etc.

The students who took advantage of the opportunity have all agreed to put the parking lot back to its original, blank condition at the end of the year. Students who don’t do so will forfeit their $50, which will then go to student congress to use to get the spot repainted.

The above two, are both from the Mater Dei High, in Santa Ana Ca, that school charges 100 for a regular reserved parking spot, and 500 for a painted one.

but my favorite is the genius entrepreneur Zach at Woodrow Wilson High School in East Dallas’ Lakewood district., who realized, there is money to be made from subletting his parking spot

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  1. One of the rural high schools near me does this, but I think they have under 100 kids per grade. The high school where my sons go is under construction, so they are parking in a gravel lot. That would be hard to paint.