Monday, May 25, 2020

great xylophone made of wrenches!

Universal Studios show. Who knew big wrenches could be used musically?


  1. Well that was a hell of a show.

  2. I've seen it done in the past. Anyone who has dropped wrenches on a concrete floor can get the idea. VEry long ago my stepson had a grade school music homework project in which kids were challenged to make up a musical instrument out of something. As I have a lot of wrenches of different makes and sizes, we went out and found the makings for about an octave, and made a "wrench harp" (though ours were hung on string). It was quite a hit. Alas, I needed the wrenches back, so it did not remain long after the project was over.

    1. very cool! I hope you took photos or video!