Friday, November 30, 2018

nothing good happens after 1am on the roads

Melissa was leaving Illusions Gentlemens Club in Missouri, at 1 am, they suspect she was drunk because there were open containers in her car, and she drove 2 miles the wrong way down a street without her headlights on, until she crashed into another car head on.

She crashed into Mackenzie, who was also driving drunk, with the headlights off, and had open containers in her car.

One of the women got a broken leg and wrist, another passenger had a broken ankle and wrist.

 Sheriff Brad Cole said his department responds to calls for service at Illusions Gentleman's Club more than any other location in Christian County

To get inside Illusions, guns, knives and cell phones are not allowed, alcohol is not served to get around the state law preventing it from having completely naked dancers, and forcing it to close at 1:30 a.m, this allows dancers to strip fully nude and also allows the club to stay open later than 1:30 a.m., which is when bars must close, and those who don't want to go home come to this strip club for all night, all naked, entertainment

That means the club sees the most business of all businesses in the county, after 2am.

While Illusions is a magnet for unlawful behavior at night, the area around the club attracts a much different clientele during the day. Catty-corner to Illusions is Stonebridge Church, and the two have peacefully coexisted since 2005, said Courtney Ennis, a pastor.

However, after the firefight in October 2015 , Ennis said he and other church staff looked for bullet holes or shattered windows at Stonebridge. They didn't find any, he said.

He said that some members of the women's ministry have reached out to the club before, but "we've not really had much success."

At one point, Ennis said, women from the church went to the parking lot of Illusions Gentleman's Club to pray.

The church doesn't condone the business, but Ennis said "we want to show the people there love."  minute 105

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  1. A drunk driver crash in to other drunk driver in exactly the same situation... I call it a poetic justice.

    And that put a smile on my face! :D