Friday, November 30, 2018

Alaska had a 7.0 earthquake followed by a 5.8 after shock... and these car owners? Needs to buy lotto tickets today and see if that luck stretches. This damage is to the only road between Anchorage and Wasilla

The northbound on ramp for International Airport Rd. at Minnesota Blvd. collapsed this morning during the earthquake, trapping this GMC

This is Vine Road south of Wasilla

how long before someone builds a quick temporary ramp and gets those vehicles off the broken highway? Or brings a hefty 10 ton crane and pulls them out?

the images from 1964's quake show a lot more devastation... so, building to code is a GOOD thing!

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  1. Damn, Alaska have the good place in my heart for long time, I don't like news like that. :(

    The pic that is direct above that damaged road, looks like some giant just sucker punch the ground there. Or Boys and Girls... THOR have arrived on Midgard!