Saturday, January 02, 2016

Uniroyal Master, hasn't turned a rotation since 1969.. and I've never seen one before


  1. The Uniroyal Master was very rare as it was introduced in early 70's as a high end steel belted tire shortly before radial tires came to US. They were unique in number of ways especially that the front and rear were different tread patterns. The rear were half snow ties. Working at Uniroyal Dealer I installed a fair number but people always opted to have 4 front tires making the rear half snow treads incredibly rare.

    1. wow... thanks for the info!

  2. I own a tire shop in Providence RI. We have been in business since 1923, I am the 3rd generation owner. At one point, we were a dedicated Uniroyal Dealer (until the late 80's...during the Uniroyal/Michelin/BFG reorganization/structuring). I have a Rear Uniroyal Master F70-14 NOS, that my father told me was also touted as the First "All Season" tire due to the inside having the "snow tread".

  3. Been a few years since anything was added to this blog on the Uniroyal Master Tires, but I came across a set of never used J78x14's just like in the picture and was told that they were tires you could get optional on a 1969 and/or Plymouth Road Runner. Don't know if that's true, as they seem rather large compared to the F70's that were standard size on Road Runners. Seem to be for Cadillacs by the size. Haven't checked them if they're all four front tires yet or if any are "All Season" ones in the group.