Monday, December 28, 2015

here is my chosen route for a fun drive, or if they ever have a San Diego Gran Prix, with the most fun hills, turns, curves, and some long straights for high speed.

the bottom image ought to be to the right (East) of the above image


  1. It's really too bad they don't have a gran prix or 2 in the streets of SD. Also, the 8 east to 163 north transition is pretty fun too.

    1. that sure is when you are pitched over to the outside of the curve... exciting stuff! But I couldn't find a good route to go in that direction... the 163 south to Friars east, then the Friars East to 163 North would be a cool double curve, and banked well, but then what the hell are you going to do? 163 North going up that hill is boring, and too damn long to have fun with