Monday, December 28, 2015

New California DMV Laws for 2016

You'll be registered to vote, and placed on the spam calling roster, whether you like it or not, when you get a drivers license

It will be illegal to wear earbuds or headsets while driving a vehicle or riding a bicycle, of course, this doesn't apply to cops

California is cracking down on electric skateboards, if you don't have one, who cares?

companies like Uber and Lyft must routinely review driver records through a DMV program that will notify them of violations, accidents and license suspensions.

Millions of Californians get their licenses revoked for not paying traffic fines or appearing in court, according to supporters of SB 405. The law makes it easier for drivers to contest a traffic citation before paying the fines.

The Beer Bike Law (SB530) goes into effect, creating a vehicle safety standard for bike buses that allow up to 15 people to pedal at once. Beer bikes have been popping up in Sacramento and San Diego as a riding tour, often with stops at bars and restaurants.

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