Tuesday, December 29, 2015

inside the Caterpillar Visitors center in Peoria, is the largest vehicle they have ever made... and it's so big they use it as a theater.. but this is also the coolest place I've seen in a while, and you can do a virtual tour thanks to Google


You’ll start your tour in the theater where a Caterpillar representative will give a brief overview of the company. Very likely, your host will be a Caterpillar rehired retiree. Who can better tell you about the company than someone who had a long Caterpillar career, like Jean who worked at Caterpillar for 42 years, retired, and then came back when the Visitors Center opened in 2012? Your host will introduce you to an orientation film, where you’ll learn about Caterpillar, its products, and its customers.






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