Saturday, January 02, 2016

not much else impresses me about the 72 Road Runner, but the full on front view is damn cool

Found on a new digital magazine,  which has a stupid way of turning on the magazine from the home page

Here was the other cool blue 72 Road Runner with an impressive photo

click on this 3rd line to start the magazine part.


  1. I've never owned one, but have always said, "The 1971-1972 Plymouth Road Runner / GTX is one of the most beautiful body styles." It just looks from any angle.

  2. No argument there Jesse, I can see why the other teams would not like seeing that coming up in their rear views. Bad Ass all the way. Just don't build them like that anymore. B-T-W, what an interesting on line mag. Informative, great photography, writing. Nice, very nice.