Saturday, February 18, 2023

the Barracuda in the 2nd Black Panther movie... interesting combination of the decals from a 71 440 Cuda, plus a 70 AAR, on a 72 or 73. It is a good looking combo of decals, but, it would have looked better on an AAR Cuda (better looking hood scoop and tail lights)

at least they got rid of the side marker lights, those 72-73 side marker lights are ugly. I had a 72 for a year, back in the 90s

the grill on a 71 is so much cooler looking, they should have went with that. I think the 72 looks too damn much like the pointed center section of a Pontiac bumper

And I've wondered if the round tail lights on the 72 and 73 were imitations of the Chevelle / Corvette taillights

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  1. If you listen carefully you can hear Mark Worman crying.