Wednesday, January 19, 2022

1972 Fury 400 station wagon.... with hideaway headlights. I don't recall ever seeing one before.


  1. Brings back memories. We had a 1971 Pontiac Grand Safari station wagon growing up. It had the rear power window and tailgate, where the glass went up into the roof and the tailgate lowered into the bed of the car with a turn of a key.

    That 455 moved that steel. We used to joke that as the speedometer went over 100 that you could actually see the fuel gauge needle moving towards empty.

    You could fit sooooo much stuff in that wagon!

  2. My folks had a 73 Plymouth Sport Fury wagon like this. Same green with wood sides and 400 motor. Owned it from 1974 to the mid 80's. Learned how to drive (and drift) in it.
    He had traded our red 1967 Ford Country Squire wagon for it.
    It's probably somewhere in California as we were living in Atwater when they traded for the next wagon. Mid-80's Pontiac.