Monday, November 29, 2021

the artist that created the animated Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett, also created Tank Girl, and is really great at drawing cars!

this video shows you what's in the book before you buy a copy

I find all sorts of stuff at Comic Con, and then learn a lot when I go to post about it... I didn't know that the creator of Tank Girl also created the Gorillaz characters.

I did know that the Gorillaz band is into muscle cars, after all, they made one music video with Bruce Willis  driving an El Camino, and the Gorillaz characters driving a 69 Camaro, 11 years ago

and the most recent news is that the band is writing a movie script, for a feature that Netflix has optioned


  1. Geez....the directional tires on front of buggy;mounted wrong side ,again. Just sayin'

  2. Cool stuff here. The whole concept of Gorillaz as a made-up cartoon band is pretty cool.

    Thanks for posting about these artists from Comic-con. There are a lot of creative people out there making some interesting art. Those of us following your blog probably wouldn't see any of it if not for your posts.

    1. they are going to have a Netflix movie about the characters backstory I just read when researching them

      You're very welcome, it's great to know I'm doing more than enjoying myself, sharing on the blog, getting a press pass to Comic Con, and then repeating the process - but also finding that sharing the art and artists is appreciated by people that probably found my blog because of cars, drag racing, or whatever.
      I like because of the variety of stuff they post about that I wouldn't learn anywhere else