Monday, November 29, 2021

Have you seen the movie Unstoppable? Very good suspense movie about trying to stop a fully loaded 10 million pound train going 60 mph, without anyone in control of it

you oughta know you can be sure a Denzel Washington movie is going to be really damn good. This is my 3rd time watching it 


  1. I initially wondered how they could make a worthwhile movie out of this one thing. Turns out they could.

  2. Yeah, I was able to get my woman to the cinema on premiere, like most of her kind she was very "undecided" on what, when, who, where and why go to cinema and watch a movie. And she really like it, it is a damn good movie. Not like that change anything in "undecided" department of course. But for me, one of better suspense movie.

  3. Have'nt seen this one yet, but it brought to memory a movie from quite a few years ago. It starred Jon Voight as an escaped con on a runaway train in Alaska. Great movie!