Monday, November 29, 2021

then there was the time when a tractor dealership improved a John Deere when the factory was unable to figure out a simple solution

The compact model “M” made a great tractor for people needing power for their small farm or in detail work. As such, it seemed like a great candidate for orchard farmers. The problem with the “M,” though, was that it was a little too tall for work between and under trees

 Deere’s “MI” tractor, an “M” with the final drives rotated 90 degrees forward and with other parts adjusted to fit, did not cut it for many farmers. While the shorter wheelbase made these tractors more maneuverable, it also made them prone to rearing up in hills or when pulling heavy loads. 

One enterprising dealer took it upon himself, though, to build an “M” with the final drives rotated 90 degrees to the rear. This change lowered the tractor and made it significantly more stable. The dealer also fashioned a three-point hitch and modified about 30 “M” tractors in this way.

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