Friday, October 22, 2021

skip the first 30 seconds, then after the video, I think you'll be planning a vacation with one of these Jetson Personal eVTOL (let me borrow it when you have to go back to work) if you have a spare $100,000 and the tools to complete the build. They aren't sold turn key... Thanks Marc B!


looks to me like this will get you up the mountain, over the river, into the lakes out in the forest, along the beach, just everywhere that the govt won't shoot you down for straying into.... you know? I bet this is batter powered and short distance, though, I expect they can build one a bit bigger with a gen set onboard for longer distances

And if you agree that is cool, then check out and of course, skip the first 35 seconds. As always, people who do cool stuff, can't edit for shit

Marc B sent me the link and info, they are already sold out for 2022, by the way, and are sold only 50% complete. Probably so that all the liability falls on the owner/builder.

A Swedish company has unabashedly adopted the pop culture name synonymous with flying cars and is now taking orders for what might be a viable personal eVTOL. The production model Jetson One was unveiled last week and the 12 ultralight and drone-like single-seat aircraft being built in 2022 have already been sold at the introductory price of $92,000.

The occupant steers and decides how fast to go (up to a limit of about 50 knots) but the computer looks after mundane details like keeping it in the flight envelope and away from objects thanks to a suite of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors. Like a drone, the aircraft will automatically hands-free hover over a point. Endurance is about 20 minutes. Because it’s an ultralight, no certificate is required.

Thanks Marc B!


  1. A newsletter I get from SAE had a link to this article about the Jetson Personal eVTOL. $92,000 for a 50% completed kit. All of the 2022 units are sold out already.

    1. WOW, thank you! Great info, and dang high price!